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Anyone dealt with a spouse with post concussion syndrome?

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 12:57 pm
by Deniseandgirls
Recently my DH told me he had a major fall while on a bachelor party trip in Feb. apparently this was an ARI. He was drunk, fell, hit his head very hard. May have blacked out for a short period of time. Of course he did not seek medical attention and didn’t tell me. He has had several other concussions in his lifetime.

At this point he has NO motivation, no concentration. He has been to see a neurologist that specializes in PCS, had some test, is supposed to be going for cognitive therapy but hadn’t followed through on making the appointment. Yesterday I asked him about it. He said he misplaced the RX and that he spent the entire day yesterday looking for it ( mostly looking at the inside of his eyelids sleeping on the couch). Today I asked again and he was less defensive and said he needed my help to find the paper. I walked in his office and picked up literally 1 folded in half piece of paper on the top of a stack of papers on the desk, and it’s the paper he hasn’t been able to find.

I’m trying to be understanding and supportive but at the same time I’m completely frustrated. There is no way he could have missed this paper if he really looked. It was literally on top, just folded in half.

He has ADHD, and most likely some depression. I’m just at my whits end dealing with the constant sleeping, doing nothing, yelling at everyone, doom and gloom demeanor.

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Re: Anyone dealt with a spouse with post concussion syndrome?

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:08 pm
by MOFFtheOG
That does sound like depression. I hope he gets some help and you can get back to a good place.

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